Lighten the load – E-Statements


You can now receive your monthly paper statements electronically in your email instead of by regular mail.  E-Statements look like the paper statements you receive today and include all of the information you receive with your paper statements.  Delivered safely and securely to your email account, e-statements will allow you quick and easy access to all of your checking or savings account information.


E-statements will be at your fingertips via your computer.  They will be sent on the same cycle as your paper statements, except you don’t have to wait for the mail.  They are delivered faster to your e-mail with the click of a button.


Eliminate the clutter in your life and get organized with e-statements.  Don’t ever lose your statements again.  E-Statements are “PDF” files that can be viewed, printed or saved, and sent to multiple e-mail addresses.  Your e-statements will now be neat and organized on your computer.


Go green with e-statements.  You can’t argue the positive benefits for the environment with e-statements.  You reduce the amount of paper that is used and less gas will be used to deliver them.

Go Green with E-Statements!

First Security Bank – Sleepy Eye
Enroll for E-Statements

  • Benson, MN
  • Detroit Lakes, MN
  • Evansville, MN
  • Lamberton, MN
  • Renville, MN
  • Sleepy Eye, MN
  • Storden, MN

First Security Bank – West
Enroll for E-Statements

  • Beulah, ND
  • Robinson, ND

First Security Bank – Canby
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  • Canby, MN
  • Lake Benton, MN

First Security Bank – Mapleton
Enroll for E-Statements

  • Mapleton, IA
  • Danbury, IA