Consumer Disaster Relief Aid

Due to the unforeseen times caused by COVID-19, First Security Bank would like to extend assistance opportunities to our communities.

We are offering different relief products to our customers:

  1. Disaster Relief Loan
    • First Security Bank is offering hardship loan assistance to our communities.  Existing customers experiencing hardships due to COVID-19 may apply for up to a $3,000.00, 4.99% loan with a term of 6 months, monthly interest only payments with principal and interest due at maturity.  For example a $3,000.00 loan at 4.99% interest and an APR of 5.002%, with interest only payments for the first 5 months and then a balloon payment at the end of the 6 months will result in 5 monthly payments of $12.71 and one balloon payment of $3,012.71  in month six.  Loan subject to credit approval and member FDIC.
  2. Consumer loan Skip-a-Payment.
    • For a fee of $30.00 consumer loan customers will be able to skip 3 monthly payments and then make your next regular monthly payment just as before.  All other loan terms will remain the same.  We will add the payments you skipped to the end of your loan and extend your maturity date by 3 months.  But act now! We must receive your Skip-a-Payment request at least four days prior to your next loan payment due date.
  3. Consumer Real Estate Payment Deferment
    • First Security Bank is offering a 3 month deferment on in house residential real estate loans.  See the PDF form below detailing the guidelines for applying for this deferment.  Please fill out the request and drop off at your local First Security Bank Branch.
    • RE Payment Deferment Application

Applicants MUST be OVER 18 and reside in the States of Iowa, Minnesota or North Dakota
If you reside outside of this area, the approval process will begin with our evaluation of whether we can adequately service your lending or deposit product needs.

Please select the bank that you would like to work with: