Specialty Services

img_SpecialtyThe extra services that make a financial difference

Instant Cash Card
You can access your funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machines). This service is also available coast to coast wherever you see the Instant Cash, CIRRUS or VISA symbol, which means that your First Security Bank ATM card can be used for cash withdrawals at more than 10,000 locations worldwide. This feature is ideally suited for business or pleasure travels when it is often very difficult to cash an out-of-town check.

*Fees may apply at an ATM not in the First Security Bank network.

Instant Cash & Check Card
Get an Instant Cash card that doubles as an electronic checkbook. Instant Cash & Check gives you all the convenience of ATM access and all the buying power of a checkbook, in one versatile card. It’s the one card you’ll want to carry everywhere! 
It’s available to all qualifying personal checking account holders. Use it as your cash card at Instant Cash, CIRRUS, and VISA ATMs. You can even use it instead of your checkbook to make purchases wherever VISA is accepted worldwide. It’s cash, not credit. Funds from purchases are drawn from your checking account as if you had written a paper check. No more hassles with running out of checks, forgetting your checkbook or needing multiple forms of identification. Each month you get a detailed record of all Instant Cash & Check transactions on your account statement. The STAR Network provides access to more than 2 million PIN and ATM locations, enabling account holders to get cash and make purchases across the country. An international fee will be added to the VISA exchange rate for international transactions.

*Fees may apply at an ATM not in the STAR Network.

Lost or Stolen Credit/Debit Cards: 800-535-8440

Automatic Deposits and Withdrawals
You can use the time saving benefit of automatic deposits and withdrawals at your request!  Have your paychecks or other funds set up for automatic deposit into your account, and with Automatic Withdrawals, have your loan payments automatically made!

24-Hour First Line Phone Banking: Go to the “Locations” page where you bank for the phone number.
First Security Banks offers telephone-banking service, at no cost to our customers.

  • Confidential, easy, convenient
  • Balance inquiries for checking, savings, CD’s and loans
  • Transfers between checking & savings accounts
  • Loan payments

The 24 Hour First Line allows our customers to conveniently and confidentially access their account 
information 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including holidays) at no cost to them from any touch-tone phone. It’s very easy to use and customers can use the service immediately with no need to apply or sign up. Just call toll tree and have your account number or numbers and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) ready. The first time you call, your PIN will be your nine digit Social Security/Tax identification number. To safeguard the security of your accounts you will then be instructed to change your PIN to a new four digit number that only you know.

*Not Available at the Beulah & Robinson Branches.

First Security Banks also offers:

  • Safe deposit box
  • Night depository
  • Notary service
  • Wire transfers
  • Bank money orders
  • Cash advances
  • Account reconciling
  • Accurate and verified account information guarded by leading security measures and protocols to ensure financial information privacy.

*Restrictions & Fees may apply.